Sifu Chuck Chretien:
6th Degree Kajukuryu / Chuan Fa
6th Degree Shin Nigare Karate
4th Degree Northern Shaolin / Northern Praying Mantis
2nd Degree Shin Shin JuJitsu


 Mr Tim Reardon III: 3rd Degree Black Belt
  I started my training back in the end of 1995,I received my yellow belt Feb 3,1996, Brown 3 December 12,1998. I relieved my 1st Degree Black belt Aug 26,2000.My 2nd Degree Black Nov 23, 2002, and my present rank 3rd Degree Black March 25,2006.

  I am the proud father of 3 young black belts, Tim 23, Chellie 21, and Ted 14.

  To me the best part of Kung Fu is the friends you meet and the sparring classes, which are really fun.

I am a former USAMAA Champion.

 Mr. David Hagerman: 3rd Degree Black Belt
 Mr. Jacob Arenstein: 2nd Degree Black Belt
 Mr. Jason Hutchens: 2nd Degree Black Belt
 Mr. Steven Arenstein: 2nd Degree Black Belt
  I am a 2nd Degree Black Belt and have been in training since 1994.  My favorite aspect of the Martial Arts is practicing weapons.  My main choice of weapons is either the 3-Sectional Staff, or the Bo Staff.  Aside from the Martial Arts, I play guitar and work on computers. 

  All of the students at the school, and friends outside of the school inspire me to keep training in the Martial Arts, and if it were not for them I would not be where I am today.

 Ms. Chellie Reardon: 2nd Degree Black Belt

 Mr. Tim Reardon IV: 1st Degree Black Belt
Mr. Lenny Turcato: 1st Degree Black Belt

Mr. Stacy Bishop: 1st Degree Black Belt

 Mr. JoJo Aldrich: 1st Degree Jr. Black Belt

 Mr. Matt Hagerman: 3rd Degree Jr. Black Belt

 Mr. Jonathan: 1st Degree Jr. Black Belt
 Mr. Ted Reardon: 1st Degree Jr. Black Belt
  I am 14 years old and a First degree Jr. Black belt. I started in the fall of 1998. I tested for and received my brown 3 in 2001, and received my black belt march of 2006.

  My favorite part of Kung Fu is the sparring, a close second is the friends.

  I am also a Trombone player for the Spring High Band.

 Ms. Amanda Hernandez: 1st Degree Jr. Black Belt
 Mr Devon McClain: 1st Degree Jr. Black Belt
 Ms. Malorie Proa: 1st Degree Jr. Black Belt

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